5 February 2021
2Shapes Scope - The importance of product descriptions
A good description is key to sell more!

In today's episode of 2Shapes Scope, we are uncovering the secrets of product descriptions and their hidden power. We were reading the JCK magazine and found an interesting article by Emili Vesilind, we agree with her point of view and decided to extend on her notes.

Photos are what eCommerce developers say it's the most important element of a product page. And they are mostly right, without a photo, it would be difficult to understand a product.

But as the realm of photography or 3D rendering has evolved so much, descriptions seem to have disappeared, substituted by practical yet plain lists of characteristics like "Material: Yellow Gold 18k". What does this description say to you? Not much apart from the physical material.

How about you explain a story, or maybe incite the customer to purchase this piece of jewelry and be praised for it? Give them a reason to look again at the photo recognize and point out that gorgeous Burmese Ruby they have just read about.

Check out these images from a product we have set up at 2Shapes Catalogue:

The ring with a 0.50 carat diamond The ring with a 1.00 carat diamond

By changing the description of the ring when the customer chooses an option, you are rewarding him or her, congratulating their decision to upgrade to a bigger-sized stone.

What are your thoughts, do your customers enjoy story-telling and dreamy product descriptions? If you want to learn how 2Shapes can help sell more, feel free to send us an email, call us, or have a quick meeting with one of our business specialists.


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