8 July 2020

Rio Grande joins 2Shapes revolution

We want to proudly announce that 2Shapes Cloud is now part of the Rio Grande catalog! Yes, you've read right, you can now get 2Shapes from the most popular jewelry supplier in the United States, and that's not all, they also dedicated a page for 2Shapes on their website... Isn't that awesome?

Here you have what Scott Bradford, from the Rio Grande jewelry tech team, says about 2Shapes:

2Shapes is what I wished was around when I started making jewelry. Being able to play with jewelry designs virtually, creating your own website in a simplified way, and managing everything that comes with running a business, all in one place, is absolutely amazing. If you want to use it just as a design tool, you can. If you want to use just to create your website, you can. If you want to use it just for business management, you can do that too. So many options under one roof.

Do you want to know more about 2Shapes in Rio Grande website? Visit www.riogrande.com

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