20 November 2020

Sell more and better

It's no denying that 2Shapes is a tool to make business, made to boost your jewelry sales, design, and manufacturing. So it's only natural that we give you some tips on how to increase your sales an extra bit.

When it comes to providing an excellent customer experience, not only the most abstract factors count, you also have to consider some basics that many professionals overlook because they focus on more complex agents, as the background music, the scent of your store, or the colors of your facilities.

Don't get us wrong, the abstract factors are a big chunk of your customer experience, but it's the fundamental actions that your customer will use as a base for building its expectations.

We are talking about a greeting your clients when they enter the store to show you are a professional but also a human being, offering them something to drink and a place to sit to make them feel as comfortable as possible, or providing a consultancy to help them find their unique proposal.

2Shapes products provide different ways to approach your customer, for example:

  • 2Shapes Cloud is thought to be used in stores by your sales personnel, or your customers alone. It doesn't require any previous experience with jewelry design, and it's heavily guided towards the purchase. It shows your catalog to the client and allows it to customize any design.
  • 2Shapes for Rhino is more focused on design rather than sales, it's made to be used by a jewelry designer, making the customer take a spectator role with little direct interaction. It gives more freedom to the designer at the expense of not allowing the customer to use the software.

Showing a jewelry catalog in 2Shapes Cloud Designing a ring in 2Shapes for Rhino

Despite the differences, with both solutions, you can offer an excellent consultancy service. You only need to choose what is the right tool that matches your business. If you have a jewelry store, then you should go for 2Shapes Cloud. You are a jewelry designer? Then 2Shapes for Rhino is for you.

Want to learn more about 2Shapes, and don't know where to start? Schedule now a 1 to 1 session with our specialists to know how you can start using 2Shapes for your business.

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