21 May 2021
Sell Your Own Collections!
Discover how you can skyrocket your jewelry business

Business owner, you are the best designer! Design is easier than ever. Only you know your business, your experience is the most valuable asset when it comes to creating your catalog.

Competitors buy from the same supplier as you! Create your own unique products easily, and sell whole collections of gorgeous jewelry made by your own hands.

An eCommerce feature designs made under 5 minutes with 2Shapes

Short on content for social networks? Not Anymore! Get amazing pictures from your designs, prepared for sharing directly on social media. All images are 4K resolution and are prepared to look amazing on Instagram.

After saving your design, after 2 to 3 minutes 2Shapes creates these images in 4 different angles and 3 colors

Are you ready? We are ready! We want to assist you, from training to set up your eCommerce; that's why we offer you the Onboarding plan. Get an assigned specialist who will help you through video calls, phone calls, and email.

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2Shapes covers all tiers from small businesses to worldwide brands. Cutting edge technologies in reach of any business.