23 October 2020
Share 2Shapes Renders on Social Networks
Engaging with your community is vital for many businesses, and jewelers are not an exception. If you still don't do it, you will discover in this article why everyone does so.

Engaging with their community is vital for many businesses, and jewelers are no exception.

If you already share images of your catalog and your creations with your customers on social media, you will know that it works wonders to attract people to your store, and boost your sales. But if you still don't do it, after sharing some 2Shapes renders, you will discover why everyone does so.

2Shapes automatically generates high-quality renders from your designs, which you can later download and post on social networks.

How to do it? Easy, just follow these steps:

1. First, find the design, and click on its Info button:

The info button on a design

2. Then, click on Download and select the third icon on your left, this will display all the available renders to download from this design:

All available renders for this design

3. Upload and share on your favorite social networks so people around you can see it

The End!

Now, keep a good habit of posting renders periodically, and with some marketing magic, and the good taste of your contacts, you will receive tons of likes and new followers.

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