8 April 2019

Simulated Diamonds vs. Synthetic Diamonds

Simulated Diamonds

Any gem can be imitated, gemologist calls these imitations ‘’simulants’’.

Simulated diamonds may look like diamonds, but they do not have the same properties. Whiles, it is true that the most advanced artificial simulants have properties which closely approach diamond, but all simulants have one or more features that clearly differentiate them from a diamond.

Some properties which differentiate natural diamonds between simulated ones are: Durability and Density; Optics and color and Thermal and electrical properties. 

Synthetic Diamonds

A synthetic diamond (also known as a laboratory-grown diamond, a cultured diamond, or a cultivated diamond) is a diamond produced by a technological controlled process, as unlike natural diamond created by geological processes or an imitation diamond made of materials that are visually similar to a diamond. 

Synthetic diamonds in contrast to simulated, have essentially the same chemical composition properties.

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