16 March 2020
Soares de Sousa - 2Shapes Reseller in Portugal
We are very glad to announce that Soares de Sousa will now include 2Shapes Cloud and 2Shapes for Rhino in their catalog.

We are very glad to announce that Soares de Sousa will now include 2Shapes Cloud and 2Shapes for Rhino in their catalog. 2Shapes is excited to join forces with a company like Soares de Sousa, with their industry experience and awesome staff! They have done an amazing job dedicating a page on their website for both 2Shapes Cloud and 2Shapes for Rhino.

Soares de Sousa web

In addition to 2Shapes Cloud and 2Shapes for Rhino, Soares de Sousa also offers in its website interesting solutions like Rhino, Alibre Design, or Mesh2Surface among others. You will also find awesome hardware like the Photocentric's 3D printer or Roland CNC machines.

We suggest to visit their website on http://www.soaresdesousa.net/ and delve into their astonishing software and hardware catalog.

We have asked some questions to Carlos Sousa, Owner of Soares de Sousa, about its company and 2Shapes:

2Shapes 10:20 am Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.
Carlos 10:22 am

I'm Carlos, I'm 50 years old and I really like 3D. So much that I left university, where I studied Architecture, to devote myself to CAD. I have my software sales and training company, very dedicated to digital manufacturing, and I am also the Rhino translator for Portuguese.

2Shapes 10:23 am What products do you offer?
Carlos 10:24 am

Rhinoceros, RhinoCAM, VisualARQ and of course, 2Shapes!

2Shapes 10:26 am How do you offer your products? Online or offline?
Carlos 10:28 am

Although I have a website that I just renewed, my sales are half made online and half in person. I still value direct contact and face-to-face support and training.

2Shapes 10:30 am In what area (geographically) do you offer your products?
Carlos 10:31 am

All Portugal

2Shapes 10:32 am Do you offer training courses for 2Shapes?
Carlos 10:33 am

Not yet, but I plan to do it very soon. Even, in addition to going to the April Hands-on Training, I plan to visit the 2Shapes offices at the end of March to start as soon as possible.

2Shapes 10:34 am Who is your typical customer?
Carlos 10:35 am

My typical client is the client who values ​​support and who most likely came to me on the recommendation of another client of mine.

2Shapes 10:37 am What are the best features of 2Shapes in your opinion?
Carlos 10:39 am

In addition to a 3D modeler integrated in Rhino, all the tools that allow you to work in groups and manage all the information in a centralized way.

2Shapes 10:41 am Why do you offer 2Shapes to your customers?
Carlos 10:43 am

I like the product, but most of all I know Rafa and I trust him and his products a lot. If he says that it will be the best product for jewelry in the market, I believe it.

2Shapes is very excited having yet another reseller to offer local support that has a deep understanding of the local needs and requirements unique to each region.

Thank you Soares de Sousa for the effort and support you give to 2Shapes and our Community!

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