11 February 2022
Stunning product configurators for jewelry
2Shapes Catalogue - New Release

We are excited to announce the new version of the 2Shapes Catalogue with revolutionary new features for creating jewelry product configurators.

These new configurators will allow your customers to configure your products and find the unique product they are looking for. These configurators are ready to be added to 2Shapes eCommerce and 2Shapes Retail.



Direct integration into any website or eCommerce

­ With this new version based on Web Components, it is possible to integrate the 2Shapes Configurators into any existing website. Thanks to the 2Shapes WordPress plugin, add them without any programming to your WordPress and Woocommerce online store.

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­ Do you want to know all the possibilities and learn more about integrating them into your new online store? Then, we'd love to organize a meeting and solve all your commercial and technical questions.

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