5 October 2020

Tapered Rings: the small big difference

You may have come across this style of shank, and maybe it has also slipped away from your attention, that's because Tapered Rings are made to be barely noticed, but also to make an impact in your design.

Here you have the definition of tapered shank, from Cooksongold's blog:

A tapered shank is when the band tapers off to a thinner section either where the stone is set or in the opposite direction from where the stone is set. When the band tapers off to a thinner section on both sides of the stone, it can make the stone look larger and make the band itself look much more delicate.

Just like you've read, the only requirement to make a shank to be "tapered" is to have a different width on the top or the bottom sections. Just with this simple detail, you can make stones appear larger or more predominant over your design.

It's also a great addition to any catalog, as it doesn't make your designs to be more contemporary or classic, it's almost an upgrade to any design you can think of.

With 2Shapes, you can make any shank to be tapered, you will only need to set different measurements for the upper and lower sections of your ring's shank.

For example, tapering a classic ring:

Tapered classic ring designed with 2Shapes Cloud

Or making a tapered cathedral shank:

Tapered cathedral ring designed with 2Shapes Cloud

Just like this!

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