28 February 2019
The choreography that will help you sell more
The choreography that will help you sell more

Designing the movements that customers make when they enter your jewelry shop can determine whether they buy at your store or at your’ competitors. Every jewelry has its own essence that makes it unique but there are always strategies that can be implemented in all stores and help you to improve sales.

Beyond the techniques of online marketing attraction, the interior design of your store can become the final touch which helps to make a simple stroll through your store in a sale.

From 2Shapes we want you to have the basic knowledge so that every jewelry store can have great sales.

Choreography refers to rhythm staging both on the part of the staff and on the part of the clients when they interact with the space and the organization of the furniture.

To have a perfect choreography we have to follow 4 key points:

  1. Welcome your clients
  2. Create a path
  3. Stop them 
  4. Put the cash register in the right place

1. Wecolme your clients

The threshold is the first area that the client finds when accessing our store. There all the intangibles interact with him: smell, light, music, temperature ...

This area known as “the decompression zone” is recommended to have between 5 to 10 feets from the front door. It is very important to ensure that you generate a sensation of amplitude, because a sense of overload generates an unconsciously rejection and therefore does not invite us to enter. This is because a wide array of options causes confusion and as it was found in a  study by Columbia University make less likely to get customers to stop.

2. Create a path

Depending on your store, the width, shape or size of the path may vary greatly, even if you do not know where to start: it starts from the right.

In the United States it is proven that 90% of consumers entering a store turn unconsciously to the right, which is why it is one of the most important areas of a store. The first wall that customers find when turning to the right is usually the area with the most impact of the entire store.

Make sure you get the attention of potential customers with the latest news or the jewels that are more profitable to sell.

To accompany customers on the designed path, it is usually set at the end of the corridor a claim that attracts attention to address them to the next point. We recommend that you dispose of the furniture in such a way that you make a circular movement for the store. In such a way that they begin at the same point that they end.


3. Stop them! 

In addition to controlling the space of the movement to good choreography, it is important to also establish pauses. What we want to achieve is to stop or reduce the speed of customers so that they can see the jewels more thoroughly.

These breaks are usually achieved with elements that modify the trajectories slightly by means of counters or small display cabinets.

A new trend to slow down the buyers' paths is through the introduction of mirrors. It is proved that the mirrors capture their attention and force them to stop. In addition, they bring a sensation of breadth.

With imperfect circular circuits, we help to break with the natural paths and divert trajectories.


4. Put the cash register in the right place

The final step, if we have designed the choreography well, would be the conversion of a purchase. To do this, the most effective is to position the cash register at the end of the route and in a space that comes naturally to move forward.

If we have opted for the circular route, following the rule to start from the right, this would be entering the left.

Given these 4 simple steps, any customer who approaches your jewelry shop cannot resist buying one of your designs. 

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