14 February 2019

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Single and Married

Valentine's Day has arrived and we know that you are looking for the perfect gift for her. The trend in recent years, increasingly, has been inclined to give experiences for Valentine's Day, such as dinners or romantic getaways, accompanied by something consumable, whether chocolates or a bouquet of flowers.

However, giving jewelry for Valentine's Day is a classic that can complement perfectly, and add more value, to a romantic experience.

We believe that the best way to show that your love is going to last a long time, that it has not lost its value, is with a jewel. The jewels are the only gift that lasts over time, that pass from generation to generation and that will not be damaged. What's more beautiful than giving that meaning to a gift?

It is a valid gift for all kinds of sentimental situations, you have just started with your girlfriend and you are in the first years of falling in love, you just got married recently and want to keep the spark on; or you have been married for many years and you want to show your wife that she is still the love of your life.

Singles: Double Interlocking bracelet

For singles who want to impress their special girl for the first time with a jewel.

Tiffany’s & Co offers a bracelet in sterling silver and Rubedo. Two rings united meaning the singular connection between you and her.

Just Married: Soleste ring

Show your love with a jewel to complement her engagement ring. Show her that you are encouraged to front face the future that you are building together, and reaffirm her that you made the best decision of your life.

This elegant wedding band features sparkling diamonds set by hand. 18 carat rose gold with brilliant round diamonds.

Married: Paloma’s Melody Ring

Relive the spark and give her a jewel that remembers all the history that you have lived.

Two rings that intertwine and slide over each other, delicately changing shape without ever ceasing to be a single body. The gleaming diamonds highlight the natural design of this ring. 18K white gold with diamonds.

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