22 July 2020
Themes: over 25 to choose from, or create your own!
Themes: over 25 to choose from, or create your own!

Discover the new way to sell online with the 2Shapes E-commerce! Let your visitors customize your catalog to find their unique proposal.

Now the 2Shapes E-commerce has a new and fresh look-and-feel to it... In fact, it has 25 new looks, that is without counting the ones you will create playing around with your corporation's branding...

Let me explain:

A "Theme" (that's what we call them) is what gives colors, dictates the size of texts, or even the size of the various parts of your online store interface, to become fully customizable.

The 2Shapes Team has designed many templates, with the objective to make your set up of 2Shapes branding faster and easier than ever before.

These are inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, sensations, emotions and different settings, and amidst all the possibilities, you also get the option to adapt a Theme to your own company's standards, be it changing the colors, fonts, spacings, image formats, catalog...

There is a theme for every kind of jeweler out there!

Some of the standard Themes

With this update, we are starting to add many new features to 2Shapes Cloud, so stay tuned to our blog, forums, and newsletterfor more details!

Want to start playing around with Themes? Access 2Shapes Cloud and get some inspiration from our standard themes.

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