13 November 2020

Transform images into 3D models

Hi everyone, I'm Xavier from the 2Shapes team! 👋

Today I bring you a very useful feature you can find on 2Shapes for Rhino.

Have you ever dreamed of drawing something on paper and transforming it into a 3D model? Well, that's actually possible with Raster to Vector, one of the cool commands you can find on our Rhino plugin.

Here you can see how it works:

We have created this feature to give maximum freedom to designers. There are so many ways to use this command, and there are also so many things you can create with this feature...
—Rafael del Molino, CEO and Founder of 2Shapes

I suggest trying 2Shapes for Rhino and find out all its features, that will surely help you make bespoke designs with ease.

You can try our Rhino plugin here: https://www.2shapes.com/downloads/rhino.

Please let us know your thoughts, and feel free to share any of the designs you come up with!

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