29 July 2020

US Online Sales Increase in June

We have great news for jewelers across the United States!

Recently we have read a very interesting article from the JCK magazine's blog, that covers how online retailers are experiencing a major surge in sales.

This article was written by Emili Vesilind, Magazine Editor at JCK, who quotes:

Online retailing is faring better than brick-and-mortar: According to Commerce Signals data, online retail sales are up 55%, but in-store sales are down 2.1% compared to last year.

It definitely seems like a great opportunity to create your own website and start selling online, or if you already have an online store, a good chance to upgrade your business to a more competitive platform like 2Shapes.

Want to benefit from this 55% increase in online sales? Then the 2Shapes e-commerce is for you! With our cloud platform, you can easily create your online store, and let clients from all around the world create custom jewelry on your 2Shapes website.

Website made with 2Shapes

Customization process with 2Shapes

If you want to create your own e-commerce, just access 2Shapes, or contact our specialists to help you set up your website on a 1 to 1 session.

Source: https://www.jckonline.com/editorial-article/retail-sales-increased-in-june

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