9 April 2021
What is 2Shapes PWA?
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PWA meaning Progressive Web App, is a type of app that you can install in your computer, but also run it on your browser. This basically allows any PWA to be used on any device that has a browser.

We know what you are thinking. Yes, you could theoretically use 2Shapes on a Smart Fridge, to design bespoke jewelry in your kitchen. That's a possibility now.

All the apps of the 2Shapes Suite (except 2Shapes for Rhino), are built as Progressive Web Apps, so they adapt to any device you use.

This characteristic is key, because you may use 2Shapes Retail on a beautiful iMac in your store, and 2Shapes Factory in a tablet that you can carry around your workshop, and both must look amazing, and your experience needs to stay consistent when you sell using your iMac, and then transition into your tablet to craft the recently placed order.

We have also made any Ecommerce you create with 2Shapes, be a PWA. Thus allowing your customers to install your site in their phone, carrying it and conveniently accessing it from anywhere.

2Shapes Retail as seen when installed on an iMac
*2Shapes Retail as seen when installed on an iMac

You can find more information on how to install 2Shapes Suite apps in your device on this forum post: How can I install 2Shapes?

Purchase the subscription which fits your needs, and start overcoming competitors effortlessly, leave the heavy lifting to 2Shapes and its disruptive solutions.

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