2 November 2020

2Shapes Scope - Young Holiday Expectations

The JCK magazine recently published "Younger Consumers Most Likely To Buy Jewelry This Holiday" a great article that covers a poll by Platinum Guild International about buying fine jewelry for this holiday, where we find some interesting points made by consumers of various generations.

For example, it's noted that 49% of Generation Z and 50% of millennial respondents will “definitely” or “probably” buy fine jewelry this holiday.

This poll has been answered by 1.000 US consumers, ages between 18 and 64 years old, that have previously bought precious-metal jewelry over $1.000 worth, or showed interest in purchasing.

Also, around 75% of correspondents said to be willing to buy fine jewelry during these holidays, a number that is sure to be good news for many jewelers across the world, especially the US, where this poll was conducted.

Jenny Luker, president of PGI USA, comments on the results of the poll:

Retailers should recognize and understand the younger generation is more likely to buy than the older generation this year. They need to make sure that they are communicating to them in the way that they want to be communicated to and ensuring that they have up-to-date websites and social media channels.

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