The most effective way to showcase your standard products, configurators and custom-made products in-store.

Showcase your products in a unique way

Its intuitive and elegant interface provides comfortable exposure and active customer engagement, delivering a unique and captivating shopping experience.

Design custom-made jewels with your customers in-store

It has been designed for sales teams to use with the customer. No knowledge of jewelry or 3D modeling is required.

Product Customization Made Easy

We bring to you a custom configurator made easy!  Lets customer transform the product exactly the way buyer wants. 

A unique software that can be used both in physical and online stores

Create your online store directly from Boutique and synchronize all the information in real time, avoiding data duplication and having to upload that information again.

You will be able to focus only on what really matters: increasing your sales, attracting more prospects and retaining your customers.

An easy and simple inventory management

Manage your inventory from 2Shapes to make everything easier. Upload your products using the CSV importer and synchronize in real time all the information of both your physical and online stores.

Do you want to get to know your customers better? Use our CRM system​

What would you think if we say that it is possible to remember your customers’ important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries? Thanks to our POS software made especially for jewelry stores, engaging your customers and making them visit your store again will no longer be a problem.

Applying your branding

Your customers must perceive your brand image. Therefore, you can customize the entire user experience with your brand, such as logos, colors, photos, and videos.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

2Shapes doesn’t require any installation; don’t worry about complex installations in your store; 2Shapes works on any device, and you will love it on an iPad or a phone.

Get Started with 2Shapes!

Unlock the power of the custom-made jewellery with 2Shapes! 🎉 Start creating custom designs for your shop and e-commerce today