RHINO for jewelry stores. The best platform for 3D jewelry modeling by 2Shapes.

Do you know what happens when jewelry and technology come together to offer services and products with high-added value? Very easy… your jewelry store’s turnover multiplies, and your customer volume grows. Not only because you get to create 3D-modeled jewelry that is much more personalized and attractive but also because you can create your jewelry […]

Bespoke jewelry. Customization of exclusive jewelry through 3D modeling.

Did you know that 88% of people who visit a jewelry store in person have visited at least 10 jewelry stores online before? In the age of technology, the sale of personalized jewelry of any kind is bound to start on the customer’s couch.  This is called ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), a trend that […]

How to attract customers to my jewelry store? 3 successful strategies to try

The basis for increasing your jewelry store’s sales lies in knowing how to attract customers to your store and get them to buy from you. It’s not just probability, and it’s conversion rate. So that’s why you must get more people into your store; that way, you’ll get more customers. And the more sales you […]

Types of engagement ring to dazzle your customers in your jewelry

The moment of the engagement is one of the happiest for the bride and groom. And one of those that, for you as a jeweler, can bring more customers to your jewelry store. Because there are many different types of engagement rings and the bride and groom want special things, different or even exclusive rings […]

How to choose the best ERP for jewelry and grow your jewelry store

If you’ve ever been looking to change your jewelry ERP system, you know it’s a long and complicated process. Lots of competition Many generic programs that don’t always work for you. Management systems that do not meet the requirements of your jewelry store Etc… Today I want to show you how to choose a management […]

How to sell jewelry online? Tips and strategies to sell jewelry on the Internet

If you have a jewelry business, you will surely have wondered how to sell your jewelry on the internet in order to increase your revenue and customer volume. Yes, it’s true, selling jewelry on the internet might seem “cold or neglected” but it’s actually the opposite. Having an online jewelry store of your own helps […]

How do new couples buy jewelry?

We came across a great article by Emili Vesilind, editor of JCK magazine, in which she points out many insights into 2020 trends and consumer behavior patterns that will help you understand the market better. As 2Shapes is the software of choice for leading jewelry companies, we want to share with you the most interesting […]