2Shapes Online Academy for Jewelers

We are pleased to announce 2Shapes Academy, the new training platform for learning from the 2Shapes experts. Today we offer you three comprehensive courses: 2Shapes for Rhino Level 1, 2Shapes for Rhino Level 2, and Rendering for Jewelry with 2Shapes for Rhino. No previous Rhino experience is required. In the courses, we will not only […]

2Shapes for jewelry 3D printing

Designing and 3d printing couldn’t be easier for jewelry businesses and designers. With 2Shapes, you can create designs on your PC, TV or tablet in seconds, and with one click, send your designs to your printer. No additional software, no technical know-how, no long waits to correct files. In 2Shapes everything is ready for printing […]

Triple X Diamond

Although it is not a term you will find in GIA grading reports, it is a common trade word to identify round diamonds that have excellent cut, polish and symmetry. These GIA-graded diamonds have Excellent grades in all three of these categories, making them Triple X (X is Excellent for short). They are extraordinarily beautiful diamonds […]

How to photograph jewelry like a professional photographer?

On today’s 2Shapes Scope entry, we cover an interesting post in the Shopify Blog by Jeff Delacruz -Products On White Photography CEO- which acts as a helpful guide to DIY product photography. Images are key to purvey expectations. In the eCommerce world, images and videos are all you got to show your products to customers, so […]

The four things you need to know to know the quality of a diamond

Do you want to know what determines the value or price of a diamond? Do you want to know why diamonds with a similar appearance, at first glance, have a different value? If the answer is “yes”, this article is made for you. It is a known fact that there is no diamond with the […]

How to create and publish jewelry renders for social networks?

Engaging with your community is vital for many businesses, and jewelry stores are no exception. If you already share images of your catalog and creations with your customers on social media, you know it works wonders for attracting people to your store and increasing your sales. But if you don’t already, after sharing some 2Shapes […]

How to offer personalized jewelry in your online store?

Undoubtedly, customization is vital to adapt to the tastes of our customers, and create an emotional bond with our products, and believe me, jewelry is no exception. After having great success launching the 2Shapes e-commerce feature, some people asked if they could add 2Shapes to their own website instead of creating an entirely new site. […]

5 curiosities of the jewelry industry

Jewelry has always played a vital role in human history. Learn more about the amazing world of jewelry with these 5 interesting facts. 1. The oldest jewelry is organic The oldest known pieces of jewelry date back some 100,000 years. You may be wondering what these were. The oldest pieces of jewelry that have been […]

Certified Diamonds or Non-Certified Diamonds?

The term “certified diamonds” refers to polished diamonds that have undergone a quality analysis, based on 4C, by a reputable gemological laboratory such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Non-certified diamonds are very common in the market and are simply those diamonds that have not undergone formal laboratory grading. Certified diamonds are not inherently […]