About JCK Las Vegas

JCK Las Vegas, held annually since 1992, is the jewelry industry’s premier annual trade event, currently bringing together more than 30,000 of the world’s most influential industry professionals in a networking environment. JCK began as a jewelry industry magazine, its mission was to “provide retail jewelers with the information they need to succeed,” the magazine […]

How do I promote my jewelry business through social media?

Social networks in the jewelry industry are the Internet windows through which to attract and interact with your customers and potential customers. Therefore, you must be careful with social networks and take care of their image and content on a daily basis. Here are 5 tips for promoting your jewelry business through social media: 1. […]

What should you know about pink diamonds?

Diamond is one of the most extraordinary materials on Earth. Fancy-color natural diamonds are among the most valued gems because of their great rarity. The article proposes to provide an overview of the gemological characteristics of natural “pink” diamonds, mainly colored by an as-yet-unidentified “550 nm” absorption band, to put at your fingertips how these […]

Tiffany & Co, the first company to Include Origin on Diamonds

Can you imagine knowing where a diamond comes from? Tiffany & Co has just announced that, from now on, each diamond will include a serial number of Tiffany & Co. laser engraving that will include information on the geographic origin of each gem and the country of origin. By the end of this year, this information will be […]