Improve the relationship with your customers with an integrated CRM software

With 2Shapes CRM you will be able to follow-up orders, opportunities, invoices and quotations with just one customer relationship management system. Discover the best CRM software available especially made for jewelry stores that will increase your sales and retain your customers

Why you should choose 2Shapes CRM?

2Shapes CRM is the customer management system specifically for jewelry stores, with which you will be able to grow your business offline and online

Manage your jewelry store using just one software

Centralize and control all your activity from just one IT environment that includes all you need in order to manage your costumers (a CRM made for jewelry stores). Login and work anywhere, anytime

Manage all the documents of your jewelry store

2Shapes CRM for jewelry stores generates all the documents related to orders that you may need and automatically create all the invoices, so you can focus on bring new costumers to your store

Work on non-consolidated sales to enhance your business management

With 2Shapes CRM you can save all your quotations, abandon carts and wish lists to retrieve them later in order to contact your customers again

A 100% effective CRM software to manage your orders

Every sale generates a purchase document that will be saved in the CRM of your jewelry store. With 2Shapes CRM you will find all the documents you need in the same place with just one click

An easy and efficient invoice management

2Shapes CRM will allows you to create all the invoices of your jewelry store in an agile and efficient way. For each sale you make, an invoice will be generated with all the necessary information and will be saved in the database of your customers

The best software available for tracking your jewelry store’s customers

With 2Shapes CRM it is possible to centralize the customer service and database management of your customers in an orderly way. Check the complete history of each of your client every time you need it to interact with them

A CRM software for managing orders and opportunities of your jewelry store

2Shapes CRM allows you to handle your customer database, while saving a history of every change. Check your customers’ files, your pending sales and your customers’ important anniversaries in an easy and quickly way to increase your sales and engage your customers

A reminder of shipments, anniversaries and events

Were they interested in what you sent them last month? 2Shapes CRM will remind you of everything the next time you will open your customers’ file when they are back to your jewelry store

Remember anniversaries and events, use the agenda to engage your customers and anticipate their special occasions in order to offer them one of your pieces to buy.

An integrated analysis of your business and your products

Our CRM for managing the customers of a jewelry store allows you to obtain analysis and statistics of your physical stores and your e-commerce, in order to have a global vision of how your business is growing

Obtain more sales by integrating your online store with our CRM

Get new subscribers in your online store month after month. 2Shapes CRM has a specific widget for subscribing to your jewelry stores, which allows you to send to your customers personalized emails to keep them interested and… increase your sales

Are you ready to purchase?

600€/year includes 2Shapes for Rhino and 2Shapes Design (and much more), all the courses of Academy, Premium Technical Support, and all new versions.

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