2Shapes Dashboard

Manage your whole business

The 2Shapes Dashboard is the place to manage your organization, teams and roles, retail stores, websites, and apps in 2Shapes.


Why should you choose 2Shapes to manage your business?

A control panel for your organization

The Dashboard will help you oversee and manage your company with ease, it's the ideal tool for successful business leaders.


Team management has never been easier

Have a quick overview of your team, and choose what areas from the 2Shapes Suite each user has access to. Your company under your control.


Notifications to stay updated, anywhere & anytime

Set up what notifications you and your colleagues will receive from 2Shapes, and disable the notifications for activity not relevant for your business.


2Shapes products & renewals

See when subscriptions need to be renewed, and when will you need to replenish your 3D views to stay sharp and ready offering the most competitive service.


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Manage your whole business