2Shapes Design

Design High Jewelry in 3D. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors by Creating Your Exclusive Designs

Create, edit, and manage custom 3D designs, add them to your stores and eCommerce, or print them in one click.

Why You Should Choose 2Shapes

Created for jewelers

2Shapes Design is made to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible, so you can focus on your business and sell more jewelry and diamonds.


Intuitive parametric

Change any shape or measurement in seconds. Fits any design to any finger size.


Freedom but with precision

Shape your designs exactly as you imagine. For newcomers to jewelry design, as for the most demanding experts.


The best builders

Design effectiveness, as in business, is necessary for such a competitive sector. For that reason, we have developed the builders faster in order to create what you need in seconds.


Unmatched libraries

Start your design from zero, or select one of the more than 1200 designs at your disposal, and based on it, change what you need and apply your style.


Design from anywhere, on any device

Everything is synchronized on your devices, be it computer, laptops, tablets, mobiles, even smart TVs.


Compatible with any 3D CAD and 3D printer

We can import and export the most standard formats with 3DM (Rhinoceros), STP and STL for 3D Printing.


Limit is the sky, integrated with 2Shapes for Rhino

Start designing in 2Shapes Design, and continue in 2Shapes for Rhino, and return to Design as many times as you want. Or vice versa.


Control the prices and your stock

2Shapes calculates costs while we are designing, both materials and processes, and allows us to prioritize our stock.


Class A renders generate automatically

Render your designs using the powerful 2Shapes Render Cloud Engine and let them generate automatically.


Integration with e-commerce

All your designs in eCommerce fully functional with just a few clicks.


Ready to work as a team

Work with your team without limitations, define roles and collaborate, share, ...


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Design High Jewelry in 3D. Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors by Creating Your Exclusive Designs