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Down to the smallest detail in diamonds

2Shapes has the most advanced real time pricing system for jewelry and diamonds. Set up your manufacturers, costs, taxes and delivery times, then simulate and research your products. 2Shapes automatically calculates prices and delivery times for your stores and websites!

Manage the diamonds and gemstones you want to sell, fully dynamic and integrated to your stores and e-commerce! Diamonds, small diamonds, precious stones. Compatibility with lab-made diamonds and fancy diamonds.

But this is not enough, and we want to offer you to manage even the smallest detail in Diamonds.

In the first section, we have the primary diamond fields.

In the second section, we have information about the location of the diamond, its availability and the days of delivery time, allowing us to manage the purchase process, if necessary automatically, and to add the tasks of the assembly department.

Certification information is now available, not only the certifying laboratory but also the certification identifier and date, laser registration availability and comments from the certifying agency.

In the new Resources section, we can add all graphical elements, such as diamond images and the PDF certificate. In addition, we can now also add the daylight, the layout and the dimension. If we want to add videos of the diamond in our eCommerce or Retail, we also have the option.

We have more than 20 new fields to specify minor details in the new Specifications section. Let’s not forget the new Rapaport section to define the Rapnet ID and discount.

These new features are available to all 2Shapes users as of today.




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