How to learn 2Shapes?

2Shapes thinks that education is key for success and that is why we want to help teachers to empower the next generations.

Apply today to learn from a modern and competitive jewelry can easily manage their stores and collections, to the most advanced 3D modeling tools for jewelry. Without forgetting integration with prototyping, manufacturing, prices, diamonds, ...

Take your first steps taking our simple lessons on how to use 2Shapes and its tools more efficiently.

Teacher profile enables you to get total control over your bound alumni profiles
Take advantage of 2Shapes classes, workshops and webinars
Motivate your alumni using versatile technology as the swiftly learn from anywhere
Obtain your official 2Shapes Teacher Certificate to prove your mastery

How can my institution apply?

In order to deliver 2Shapes to your classrooms, we offer you the 2Shapes Lab School, a bundle of 50 seats for one year to distribute between teachers and students as you will for only 1.200 € (Cost 2€ per month per student)

Educational licenses have no restrictions, they are exactly the same as commercial versions. The schools are our priority.

Questions? Please contact us!