How to learn?

2Shapes is a powerful tool that help teachers to empower the next generations. Take your first steps taking our simple lessons on how to use 2Shapes and its tools more efficiently.

Teacher profile enables you to get total control over your bound alumni profiles
Take advantage of 2Shapes dashboards and calendars
Motivate your alumni using versatile technology as the swiftly learn from anywhere
Obtain your official 2Shapes Teacher Certificate to prove your mastery
Take lessons

How to get the certificate?

To acquire your 2Shapes Teacher Certificate you have to pass one simple test that will enable the registration of multiple alumni bound to your teacher profile and you will gain access to the 2Shapes Teacher Material.

Take this exam if you want to step-up your classes with cutting-edge technology, improve student experience with 2Shapes. Using this innovative, simple and free cloud-based app. Your students will get motivated for sure, teach as never before and get ahead using project management tools to schedule your classes.

As 2Shapes is as simple as drag-and-dropping, clicking and reading, teachers that want some 2Shapes Educational Licenses shall take a test to prove their knowledge. Applicants that pass this free exam, will be eligible to enter 2Shapes Educational Program.

Start your certification now!