Barcelona 2Shapes Workshop

28 September - 27 September 2019

Tecnocampus Business Technology Park
Get a big picture of what is 2Shapes: Discover how to boost your sales, and optimize costs, by improving customers experience.

Barcelona 2Shapes Workshop

Today’s jewelers are living in very challenging times. They are facing extremely important technological advances: The digital era and new consumer behavior habits have brought the jewelry industry to a complicated situation. 

2Shapes workshop offers jewelers the opportunity to discover how to put your customer to the center of your jewel-design process' creating customized jewelry. Discover how to boost your sales, and optimize costs, by improving customers experience.

 2Shapes  workshop is based on three parts: 2Shapes Training of the Product, Your Chance and Grow your Network.

2Shapes Training


Maybe the more technical part, for instance in specific details of 2Shapes.  We strongly believe that having 2Shapes theoretical skills is a very important aspect to fully optimize the App. We want you being able to customize and create the perfect jewelry in store with your customers.   You will learn all about the 3 main areas of 2Shapes: Store, which is the main one, Design, and Manufacturing. As you will see the platform covers very broad features, and it can be used from the smallest stores to the biggest ones.

Your Chance


Once  2Shapes explained theoretically, it is your chance to start creating tons of new designs, products, and collections in an easy, fast and modern way. Yes, with just an explanation you will be able to start using 2Shapes. 

Grow your network


The most connected people are often the most successful. This is why is important for a company to invest in relationships. 2Shapes workshop will bring together jewelry industry professionals in a secure environment for inspiring education, networking and fun! This will be your chance to grow your jewelry network!