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Reach us through:

  1. By our e-mail [email protected]
  2. Using our social media platforms: Slack, Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Give us a call on +34 931696565

When inside the app, at the top-right corner of your screen you'll see your profile picture. Click it to open the profile options. You'll be able to modify your personal & professional information or your billing plan.

There is no limit on the number of people that can participate on a project no matter the plan you're using.

2Shapes is a project management solution that delivers extra functionalities meant for companies that work with 3D files.

Free accounts can create unlimited public projects. Nonetheless, you'll be limited to one private project. You'll see no other differences between plans other than the nº of private projects and the storage capacity available because we wanted you to test 2Shapes at it's fullest. Tell us what you think!

As the name suggests public projects can be accessed by everyone. Choose them to share information that can be useful to the whole 2Shapes community. In the other hand private projects will only be accessible by yourself and people on your team.

At launch 2Shapes will be available in English, Spanish, Japanese and Catalan. More languages will be available soon.

We've built 2Shapes trying to create the tool that we'd want in our 3D company because it solves some time consuming and frustrating day to day problems.

We'll tell you about three of them:

  1. You'll be able to see if a model is printable by just uploading it to 2Shapes. We'll automatically analyze it for you and show if it's ready for printing or there's some issues that need fixing.
  2. We've made 2Shapes able to simultaneously open any 3D file format so you can accelerate meetings and cooperatively review a model with someone across the world.
  3. You'll also find the usual features of other project management solutions plus unlimited cloud storage for your projects. You can try it out for free and tell us what you think!

All files within a project will be shared with its members. So you'll only need to invite to your project the user you want to share files with.

You have different options when uploading files to 2Shapes:

  1. Drag files into your destination project folder
  2. Click on the Upload Files button placed on the left sidebar when you're in the desired destination folder. If you don't see the option, be sure you don't have any file selected as these options change depending on what you're doing.

Free Accounts have a limit of 1 GB of cloud storage, where Premium Accountsposess 5 GB capability of cloud data, and last but not least, Enterprise Accounts can upload up to 10 GB of cloud files.

You can upload any type of file to 2Shapes and convert certain types of files to a web-based 2Shapes document format.

Yes, assuring the total security of your data is our nº1 priority.

The system backups all the data at least once per day in case you should lose or involuntarily delete any file.

On the left sidebar click on the trash button to acess all recently deleted files:

  • Free users can restore files that were deleted up to seven days prior.
  • Premium or Enterprise users can restores files that were deleted up to thirty days prior.


2Shapes offers the security features required for most customers directly in 2Shapes: Passwords and documents encryption in disk.

Core customer data that is uploaded or created in 2Shapes services is encrypted at rest.

This encryption happens as it is written to disk, without the customer having to take any action. 2Shapes encrypts data with distinct encryption keys, even if they belong to the same customer. Data is encrypted using 128-bit or stronger Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

2Shapes encrypts core data while it is “in transit” as well, whether it is traveling over the Internet between the customer and 2Shapes. We encrypt this data between 2Shapes and our customers using HTTPS with forward secrecy.


2Shapes provides capabilities and contractual commitments for our customers designed specifically to help address EU data protection requirements and the guidance provided by the Article 29 Working Party.


Annual plans are offered for both Premium and Enterprise accounts. Save up to 17% and get a full year of access to the platform. You'll be able to change your plan going to the "plan & payments" section within your profile options (https://app.2shapes.com/dashboard/profile).

You have free unlimited access with the basic account and the only restriction will be the nº of private projects that you can create and the cloud storage capacity. Other than that you'll enjoy of the full potential of 2Shapes.

2Shapes plans are non-refundable, but you can cancel your plan at any time so that it doesn't automatically renew. To cancel or downgrade:

Cancel or downgrade within the platform

Go to your profile options (https://app.2shapes.com/dashboard/profile) and click on "Plan & Payments". You'll be able to see all your billing history and change your current plan.

If you have any problems changing your billing plan don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

The main differences between Free, Premium and Enterprise accounts is the nº of private projects you can create and the available cloud storage space.

  1. Private Projects:
  2. A single project for Free accounts.
  3. Up to 10 projects for the Premium account.
  4. No limit for Enterprise accounts.
  5. Cloud Storage:
  6. 1 GB of cloud space or Free accounts.
  7. 5 GB cloud storage for the Premium account.
  8. 10 GB of cloud storage for Enterprise accounts.

Premium or Enterprise users may have additional benefits such as extended period to recover files.

You can pay for your 2Shapes subscription using an international credit card. 2Shapes accepts payments from VisaMastercard, and American Express.

When you create your 2Shapes account you'll be able to select your plan. If you decide to start as a free user you'll always be able to upgrade your plan at the "plan & payments" section within your profile options (https://app.2shapes.com/dashboard/profile).