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What is 2Shapes?

2Shapes is a sales tool for jewelry stores that enables to create real time custom jewelry by transforming your customers and sales team into your designers.

Our aim is to empower jewelers to boost their sales through custom jewelry. We believe that 2Shapes can help to create a unique customer experience in store, no matter the size of the organization. It’s very simple to use, it doesn’t need any previous 3D, modeling or designing knowledge. 

With 2Shapes you can create the perfect jewelry with your client in store within minutes, design it from more than 1200 given models or create your own from scratch, control your supply chain, and get all the analytics of your sales. For more information don’t hesitate to schedule a 1 to 1 session and solve all your doubts and concerns.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Published at March 5th, 2019