Do you want to be part of the upcoming revolution in the jewelry business industry? As a dealer, as a... or do you want to convince your manager that 2Shapes is the right way forward? You are in the right place!

We have made it easy for you! Here you have all the material you could need to become part of 2Shapes Revolution:Presentations, our Brand Guide, vídeos and much more.


Here you will find different presentations (.ptt, .pptx, .pdf or keynote) of 2Shapes. The main one is about what is 2Shapes and its main features, this it is a generic one with all explained, from where is placed 2Shapes to all the features of our app, you can edit it and make it yours!

Be aware of the new updates! The presentations will be updated from time to time, make sure you have the last version.


If you want to do a presentation of 2Shapes or edit one of ours, you have to take into account our brand guide. This brand guide is the primary visual DNA of 2Shapes branding. We think that if you want to do a good presentation, you may know what is the idea and the regulations behind our branding.

Essentially, it’s a document that describes the rules of how can and cannot be used the logo, the typography, our colors and graphic elements and also the rules around 2Shapes online presence in different channels.


The fonts, the logo, and the wallpapers are the most important for a presentation, once you are aware of our brand guide.

With only 2 clicks, our two fonts will be automatically installed to your text editor, on the other side here you can find our logo with different backgrounds and also our wallpapers!


Here you have all 2Shapes promotional videos and also other ones that can help you argue why 2Shapes is the best option.

Provide the best customer experience in your jewelry store involving them from the very first stage of jewelry creation, the design. Helping your customer to find his unique proposal has never been so easy. Decide which designs you want to show in your store and start customizing from one of them. You will provide a memorable and unique customer experience.


2Shapes puts at your fingertips high-quality collection of a wide variety of screenshots. From the App, renders, rings, configuration to the Studio. You can use it on your 2Shapes presentations or show a specific feature.

Visual information is known to be much more attractive than text. It is basic to include it on presentations.


Looking for product information? Here you have all you need summarized. You can print it and use it as a complement to your presentations.

Here you will also find shareable content for your social networks.


Are you planning an event or tradeshow? Excellent! Here are some banners ready for print!


Are you looking for 2Shapes for Rhino information? Here you have all you need to promote the best jewelry plugin for Rhino:Powerpoint, Logo, Social Network Materials, Images, and Renders.