Meet your specialist

We will assign an specialist for you. Your specialist will take care to understand and adapt your training plan to your needs and show you all the potential that your new tool can bring to your business. You will have his direct contact details so you will be able to find him whenever you need.


Training and setup

Our recommended training plan is focused on: Store, Design and Manufacturing.

Store training

We want all departments of the company to participate in the training, so we do not limit the number of attendees. It will be 6 sessions (video call) of 45 minutes with the following structure:

Lesson 1: Design with your customers

You will learn how the sales team and your customers will be able to completely customize designs to better suit your customers needs. Creating amazing new designs with 2Shapes studio.

Lesson 2: Orders and Status

You will learn how to place orders and overview the status: Since the order is made until the product arrives to your store.

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Design training

Lesson 3: Branding and collections

You will set your branding so you will have your company's look & feel in 2Shapes for all your stores.
Also, we will teach you how to start creating your first collections following your brand style or discovering new trends.

Lesson 4: Design from zero to hero

Here you will be ready to start creating your new designs and add them to your collections. In a few minutes you will see how easy it is to create infinite new products and collections

Manufacturing training

Lesson 5: Setup your production parameters

You will learn how to configure all your production chain parameters, pricing and timings included. Printing, casting, polishing, shipments...

Lesson 6: Advanced Manufacturing

This lesson will allow us to integrate new processes to add value and remain competitive. From diamond pricing to integration with shipment providers.

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Go live!

You are ready to go live and start boosting your sales. However, we will follow-up if it’s needed and still helping you.

We want to remain being part of your growth, so your team will be able to keep working as effectively as possible with 2Shapes. That is the reason why we offer you all the needed meetings, without extra costs, to face your future daily challenges. From hiring new people to the optimization of specific processes. Whatever you will need! - Rafael del Molino CEO

Ready to master 2Shapes and start boosting your sales?

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