Meet your specialist

We will assign an specialist for you. Your specialist will take care to understand and plan the fastest way to set up 2Shapes to fulfill your needs and show you all the potential that your new tool can bring to your business. You will have its direct contact details so you will be able to find him whenever you need.


Full set up & Consultancy

Your assigned specialist will help you set up your 2Shapes products through video calls or on your site, depending how you prefer it.


Go live!

You are ready to go live and start using 2Shapes for your business. we will follow-up if needed and help you with anything you might need.

We want to remain being part of your growth, so your team will be able to keep working as effectively as possible with 2Shapes. That is the reason why we offer you all the needed meetings, without extra costs, to face your future daily challenges. From hiring new people to the optimization of specific processes. Whatever you will need! -Rafael del Molino CEO

Do you want to get started as soon as possible?

Setting up your business with 2Shapes products is a breeze thanks to the Onboarding plan. Make sure to not miss this opportunity to take the first steps correctly into the future of jewelry!

Any questions?

Reach out to us if you have any doubts, or need help with anything!

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