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Thanks to 2Shapes Online Store creating your e-commerce of jewels will be super easy and your online sales will increase. There will be no need of duplicating the information and you will be able to check your sales in real time. Grow your business in the easiest way.

Why you should create your online store with 2Shapes Online Store?

2Shapes Online Store is a platform especially made for jewelers, thus it perfectly fits their needs and requests. Having an online store will allow you to increase your sales and offer a better user experience to your customers

Especially made for jewelry stores

2Shapes Online Store is a software for creating online shops especially made for jewelry stores, for this reason it has everything you may need for carrying out your daily activities

A new retail channel

Discover all the benefits for your business of having an online jewelry store: More sales, more customer engagement and more brand awareness

Real time information

Create your online store using your management software: It synchronizes all the information in real-time, so you don’t have to upload everything again

Custom-made jewels

Let your customers create the jewel they are dreaming of. 2Shapes Online Store allows them to participate in the creation of the final piece and creating exactly what they are looking for

Excellent features

Combine your jewelry store POS features and functionalities with the ones of an online store designed to increase your sales. How much do you want to sell?

Free of extra charges

With 2Shapes Online Store commissions and hidden costs will be a thing of the past. It’s your business and your customers. Your only concern will be increasing your sales even more

Internet, a high-impact channel for your jewelry store

Selling jewels online is now easier than ever. 2Shapes Online Store allows you to use specific tools, filters and personalized configuration tools to design your jewels in 3D and manage the in-store pickups.

The best software available on the market to create online jewelry stores

From the creators of RhinoGold and Clayoo, 2Shapes Online Store is the best e-commerce tool for managing, run and build your business, made especially for jewelry stores

The best user experience ever for your customers

2Shapes Online Store allows your customers to configure their own jewel in a simple and agile way. Differentiate from your competitors by offering an excellent user experience to your customers

Integrate 2Shapes Online Store with other e-commerce platforms such as WordPress or Shopify

2Shapes Online Store comes with many plugins and features to help you create your online jewelry store from the beginning and adapting it to other platforms such as WordPress or Shopify

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