Let's convert a transaction into an experience!

We've spent the last three years building the experience of purchasing jewelry, understanding that jewelry is an investment, it's emotional, it's normally a whim and associated with something very special in people's lives.

A walk in the park

Designed for the general public. Your customers will enjoy selecting a jewel and customizing it. They will create an emotional connection with the product, and you will get new customers into your store and increase the average ticket.

Your collections, your style, your brand

We know how important it is that your website expresses your brand values, so in 2Shapes, you can create the collections, the designs, and how users can interact with each design: materials, sizes, and shapes of diamonds and gems, types of settings, shanks, and much more.

Real-time pricing and delivery date

Don’t worry about revising product prices one by one; with the real-time pricing system, any change in the design will be updated instantly. And not only this, it will provide the delivery date based on the jewel and its manufacturing processes. All this, entirely automatically.

Your professional jewelry photographer 24/7

When you design a jewel, the 2Shapes Cloud Rendering will start creating more than ten photorealistic A-class images of your jewel; in minutes, you will have them available to add to your online store, send to your customers, or publish on social media for marketing purposes.  

Out of the box integration with wishes list, shopping bag, and payment methods

Not a single change on your website. 2Shapes creates the products as native products of your platform, allowing us to integrate automatically with all native features, including third party plugins or apps.

Ready for WordPress and Shopify

Installing 2Shapes on your website is as simple as another WordPress plugin, or Shopify app.

No programming experience is required, as simple as installing an app. Even so, if you have any questions, it will be a pleasure to help you.

Get Started with 2Shapes!

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