2Shapes Pricing

The most advanced real-time pricing system for jewelry and diamonds

Set up your manufacturers, costs, taxes, delivery times, then simulate and investigate your products. 2Shapes calculates prices and delivery times automatically for your stores and websites!

Why should you control your costs with 2Shapes?

Your manufacturing costs, timings, and holidays in an easy way

2Shapes provides the latest metal market prices so you can stay updated.


Diamond & gemstone selections

Manage the diamonds and gemstones you want to sell, fully dynamic, and integrated to your stores and eCommerce! Diamonds, Small diamonds, gemstones. Lab Grown Diamond and Fancy Diamonds supported.


Markup, your profit margin

Establish how much profit you want to earn from your products, all based on smart rules that dynamically apply individually to each one of your stores and eCommerce.


Worldwide taxing sales automatically

Setting up taxes is easier than ever. Define multiple taxes and assign them as you decide on websites or stores. Depending on your customer’s location, 2Shapes will apply the appropriate ones.


Shipping zones & delivery rates

Set up where you want to ship to, and what rates apply to these locations. Local, domestic, and international shipments. Simpler than ever!


The most advanced simulator & breakdown reporting system

With our pricing simulator, you can see how different costs, profit margins and diamond suppliers play out before using them on your stores and websites!


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The most advanced real-time pricing system for jewelry and diamonds