2Shapes Referral Program

1. Products and Territory

1.1. Products

2Shapes hereby appoints the Referrer on an exclusive basis as its referrer for the sale of the products commercially offered by 2Shapes, outlined in the Territory (as defined below) during the term of this Program.

1.2. Territory

2Shapes is appointing the Referrer hereunder concerning the sale of Products to any purchasers whose principal place of business is located in the following described territory (the “Territory”): [COUNTRY].

1.3. Best Efforts

The referrer shall use its best efforts to promote and sell the Products to the maximum number of responsible customers in the Territory.

1.4. Sales Limited to Territory

The Referrer shall not solicit orders from any prospective purchaser with its principal business location outside the Territory. If the Referrer receives any order from a prospective purchaser whose principal place of business is outside the Territory, the Referrer shall refer that order to 2Shapes. The Referrer shall not accept any such orders.

1.5. Modification of Products and Territories

2Shapes reserves the right, upon consultation with the Referrer, to expand or reduce the Products which the Referrer can sell. 2Shapes also reserves the right to expand or reduce the Territory upon consultation with the Referrer, as defined in this Program.

2. Prices and Payment

2.1. Purchase Orders

The Referrer shall refer to 2Shapes, any purchase orders it receives containing Products from 2Shapes by submitting an email to [email protected], in all cases naming and counting the Products ordered as well as the necessary legal identity from the customer that placed the order originally.

2.2. Payment Terms

Except as otherwise set forth herein with regard to advance payments, all amounts due and payable with respect to a Product delivered by 2Shapes shall be made with a bank card (VISA or MasterCard) or through wire transfer.

2.3. Order Processing

2Shapes will send a proforma invoice to end customers, after the customer  approves that document, 2Shapes will send a binding invoice to the end customer, containing a digital link to proceed with the payment through credit card, and the bank details to make the payment for the amount set forth in the invoice.

2.4. Sales Identification

2Shapes shall inform the Referrer of the placed sales that the latter party had referred, as well as the order’s amounts. The Referrer will send an invoice with the concept of representing of sales.

2.5. Referrer Quota

The Referrer shall receive from 2Shapes, a 10% of the amount sold during the ongoing quarter in identified collaboration confirmed by 2Shapes (henceforth “Quota”). 2Shapes shall send the Quota amount through wire transfer during the last day of the quarter, to be received by the Referrer in its bank account, which details are defined below:


3. Duration of the Program

3.1. Program Expiration

This program has a 365 calendar days starting from the day it has been signed, which will auto-renew. Both parties can terminate these terms in mutual agreement, with a minimum of 90 days’ notice.

3.2. Referral Sales

The purchasers referred by the Referrer party to 2Shapes, shall lose their status of “referred” after 30 calendar days after the first contact was made by 2Shapes.