2Shapes reseller terms and conditions

General Policy

Resellers are geographically limited to their territory. We will offer technical support both to you and end users whenever necessary. We can also deliver sales support for specific actions or events under request.

Payment Terms

Terms are bank card (VISA or MasterCard) or wire transfer.

Shipping Policy

All products ship electronically. You’ll receive the number of licenses requested, which you will, in turn, offer your clients. Each license can only be activated once.

Discount Policy

Resellers discounts are based on quantity starting with 1 subscription at 15% discount to 40%.

When you place the order, we send you the product keys in PDF format individually so that you can send to your customers comfortably, whether for subscriptions, or courses.

In the case of courses, product keys are not specific to a particular course. So all our courses have the same price, and you can sell a product key for any of them.

Order quantityDiscount
115% off
2+20% off
10+30% off
50+40% off

Product List and Prices


Company Modules

Setup and Training


To develop a continuous and efficient commercial activity, the Reseller will be requested:

  • Estimated Quarterly/Annual Forecast
  • Webinars and/or Demos on Site
  • Display of the 2Shapes Line-Up as well as the 2Shapes Logo in the Reseller’s UR

Ready to start?

Order as many products as you need! Then, we will contact you and send you a proforma invoice with all the payment details. After receiving your payment, we will immediately send you your products via email. That’s it!

Marketing Material

Download all marketing material such as Presentations, Screenshots, Videos or Logos.

The material used on your website must be the one supplied by 2Shapes in order to avoid forgeries or low quality content, which may affect the company image.

If you need any sort of online content, whether visual, graphics or any specific written content, please do not hesitate to ask for it. Feel free to call us or contact by email ([email protected]).