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The most complete 3D CAD tool for jewelry designers and manufacturers

2Shapes for Rhino is the best 3D CAD design tool for jewels, made by the creator of RhinoGold. Enjoy Rhino with the cutting-edge features of 2Shapes

You need to use the most advanced CAD jewelry design software when it comes to designing and manufacturing

Tools entirely focused on jewelry design

From the founder and product manager of RhinoGold, Rafael del Molino, and 2Shapes team, here comes the new 2Shapes for Rhino, the most intuitive 3D CAD software to design jewels available on the market.

A friendly parametric software lighter than ever

Its intuitive parametric is one of the most powerful features at its disposal, which allows you to change any element of your project, from the size of the finger, to the gem, from the profile to the thickness of the bit.
We believe that simplicity is a must, for these reasons with our software complexity will no longer be a problem. Just focus on the results and the creation of the perfect jewel

Hundreds of ready-to-use designs

It includes hundreds of ready-to-use designs to be productive from day one. And you can also create your own designs from scratch and create your collections in your own style.

3D organic modeling

The 3D organic modeling for jewels gives you the tools you need to create customized pieces with a unique structure. Using Sub-D technology, any 3D designer of jewels can handle, move and bend the item, just like a piece of clay.

Real-time pricing and delivery time

We know the importance of knowing the price and delivery time while creating the jewelry allows us to adjust to the client’s budget and close the sale on the spot. That’s why we have spent the last three years developing the most advanced calculation system for jewelry.

Photographs of your designs that will dazzle your clients

We know how important it is to create the “WOW” that our customers seek. That’s why 2Shapes automatically makes for every design multiple photos to share with your customers in the store or on social media.

Your production is just around the corner

We believe in proximity products and their importance for our planet; that’s why 2Shapes is an open system and compatible with all printing systems thanks to its export in STL. This will allow you to produce wherever you want, even around the corner.

User interface made with love

The user interface has been created to help the designer working in the easiest, most agile and comfortable way. Every command offers a real-time preview and Gumball to set visual and numeric fields in order to work precisely

How to learn 2Shapes for Rhino

It will be a very quick process because this CAD tool for jewelry design is really intuitive and easy to learn. For this reason, we will offer you all the materials and services you will need to start using and controlling 2Shapes. Free of charge, both courses and certifications.

What are our customers accomplishing with 2Shapes?

2Shapes for Rhino is being used daily in more than 30 countries. Below are some videos and images created by our customers, all made by computer. 

Are you ready to discover the true potential of custom-made jewelry in your business?

Discover how personalization can attract more customers to your store, increase sales and average ticket size, and free up resources.
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