Setup and Training

Setup and Training for Stores and Online Stores


2Shapes offers a setup and training service to help you integrate and adapt 2Shapes to your organization. Additionally, you and your team will learn the applications you need for building an amazing website and driving your business online successfully. Also, CRM to manage your online store and increase sales opportunities.

Target Audience

The setup and training are aimed at jewelry store owners and their sales and operations teams.


The price of the setup and training is 1000€ (or US$1200) per store.

There is no limit of participants per store; all your team is welcome.

Prices do not include taxes.

Setup and Training Structure

Initial Meeting

We will organize a meeting with you to get to know more about your business and team and identify what needs you have so that we can tailor a plan for your case.

Planning Stage

We will create a plan with a list of objectives to tailor the training to your needs.

Set up your Organization

  • Create the Manager Account.
  • Create your team and set roles for each member.
  • Set up the Notification system.
  • Complete your Account profiles

Set up your Store configuration

  • Complete the organization information.
  • Apply your branding to Online Store
  • Set up your Store or Stores: Location, Map, and Opening Hours
  • Define the legal terms and conditions for your customers.
  • Setup markups, taxes, shipments, and other payment conditions.
  • Integrations with other solutions such as PayPal, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, etc.

Set up your Store Inventory

  • Set up the list of products: Importing from existing data and creating from scratch, defining the properties.
  • Upload images and videos to use in your products and collections.
  • Define how to group and present your products at the point of sale.
  • Create configurators with products with variants.

Training in Online Store Creation

You and your team will learn how to create and edit your Online Store, from creating the main page to choosing which widgets are best to present your products.

Training of Management Operations

You and your team will learn about the day-to-day operations of managing customers, creating or managing quotes and sales.

Training of Management Operations

Opportunities are generated automatically repeatedly, such as customers' birthdays or wedding anniversaries, and other opportunities based on interactions in our stores or online stores.

Go live!

You are now ready to use 2Shapes flawlessly and operate with maximum efficiency and efficacy. But, of course, you can always contact us by phone and email if you need help with anything.

Follow-up meetings

We will periodically organize meetings to follow up on the use of 2Shapes, and resolve any questions or proposals raised.

The frequency of the follow-up meetings will be adapted to your needs. However, we recommend it at least once a month.

Request a demo

Schedule an online meeting with one of our specialists to see how 2Shapes works, and ask any questions you may have.

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