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Welcome to 2Shapes!

Thank you so much for your trust in 2Shapes, and welcome to the starting point! On this page, we’ll explain to you how to enter your product codes. For us, it is a pleasure to attend to your requests and resolve your doubts, so please contact us at any time—all the ways to contact us here.

To add a 2Shapes product key to an account, you should follow these steps:


1. Open 2Shapes Dashboard:

Your first step will be to enter the Dashboard App, and Create an account. If you already have an account created, jump directly to step 5.

2. Validate your account:
Next, you will need to check your inbox for the email address you have used to create your 2Shapes account. If you can’t find the email sent by 2Shapes, kindly check your spam folder.

3. Continue to sign in:

A browser tab should have opened, displaying a Great! Let’s start? Click here… button. Click on it.

4. Login:
Now, type in your account’s email and password. Once you are done, click on the Login button.

5. Access accounts:

Next, you will have to click on Accounts located on the left menu:

6. Add your product key:
Then, click on the three dots next to the user you want to apply your product key, and then click on the Add product key:

7. Type in your product key:
Finally, type in your product key on the open menu, and click on the Accept button.

Congratulations, you have activated your subscription!

8. Select the apps:

Once you have activated your 2Shapes subscription, click on the three dots again and choose Select Apps:

9. Choose the app you want:
Finally, choose which app you like to use, and click on Accept.

Congratulations, everything is ready to go!


Do you have any questions? We love to help our customers!