Discover the best POS software available made especially for jewelry stores

2Shapes is an easy-to-use and simple POS software created especially for jewelry stores which will allow you to dedicate more time to your customers and increase your sales.

2Shapes focuses on three main areas: Managing your business thanks to a POS software made especially for jewelry stores; helping you creating an online store if you aim to sell on the Internet; and design jewels in 3D.

Why you should choose 2Shapes Store for your jewelry business?

Optimize your daily operations

2Shapes Store is the only vertical POS made especially for jewelry stores that allows you to have a complete control on your daily management

Bring more customers to your store

Manage orders and clients. Register and remember important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries in order to engage your customers

Inventory management

Our POS software for jewelry stores allows you to keep track of your inventory and make the right decisions

Personalization and interaction

Do you know that you can customize in 3D your jewels straight away when your customers are with you in your jewelry store? Differentiate from your competitors

Accessible from any place

2Shapes Store is a multi-device POS software made for jewelry stores. You can access and use it anywhere

Integrate it with your online store

2Shapes Store allows you to create an online store and synchronize all your content so you don't have to upload that information again

Discover the best POS software for jewelry stores

With 2Shapes Store you will be able to manage your daily activities, your orders and every information about your customers, so you can focus on getting more customers and increasing your sales.

A unique POS software that can be used both in physical and online stores

Create your online store directly from 2Shapes Store and synchronize all the information in real time, avoiding data duplication and having to upload that information again.

You will be able to focus only on what really matters: increasing your sales, attracting more prospects and retaining your customers.

An easy and simple inventory management tool

Manage your inventory from 2Shapes Store POS to make everything easier. Upload your products using the CSV importer and synchronize in real time all the information of both your physical and online stores

Do you want to get to know your customers better?
Use our CRM system

What would you think if we say that it is possible to remember your customers’ important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries? Thanks to our POS software made especially for jewelry stores, engaging your customers and making them visit your store again will no longer be a problem

Offer a unique experience to your customers

2Shapes Store includes a special configuration tool that allows you not only to design your jewel, but also to do it when your customer is in your physical store with you. Why not make a jewel just as your customer likes it, in real-time and in front of him?

100% personalized jewels made for and with your customer

Did you know that 2Shapes’ POS software allows you to customize your jewels when your customer is next to you in your physical store? Personalize your jewels in real time to create what your customer really wants

A POS to attract more people to your jewelry store and increase your sales

2Shapes has been especially made to help you managing all your daily activities and be the greatest ally of your business. Optimize resources and get the most out of the best POS software for jewelry stores available on the market.

Day-to-day management

Customer Details

Quickly view and update contact while you have the customer in front of you.

Customer Activity

All your customer's activity in one place.

Green Receipts

Go eco-friendly with emailing customer receipts instead of printing them.


It integrates with any payment system existing in your store.


Out-of-the-box Barcode integration


Manage how your customers will see your products of your ecommerce and stores from a single place

Multi-store ready

All your stores share all the operations and products in one place.


Customize the appearance: logo, typography, colors, and other design elements.

Quick Import and Exporter

Feel free! Import and export everything: customers, products, orders, and more.

Email Communication

Personalize emails by using segmentation or just individually.


Sales-person tracking

Keep track of your salesperson's or sales team's sales.

Customer Overview

All your customer's information is just one click away.


Collaboratively organize your sales opportunities into boards.


All your quotes are centralized to increase sales opportunities.


Track your sales in the most straightforward way.

Wish List

Track what your customers like.


Allow your customers to send hints to friends and family. Then, attract them to your store.


List your customers chronologically by upcoming celebrations.


Organize the appointments by salesperson and store.

Business Performance

Analyze your customer data to better understand who your customers are, what they want.



Manage orders and inventory.


RFID technology to track your inventory.

Physical Inventory

Quickly take a physical inventory at any time for one store, all of them, even for your online business

Item Tracking

Track your products type in an agile and precise way to understand your inventory and sales.

Item Location

Track the location of items in your store, or stores.

Metal Pricing

Sync with LBMA Precious Metal Prices.

Images and Videos

Store, organize and manage all your visual content.

Diamonds and Gemstones Inventory

Store, organize and manage all your diamonds and gemstones.

One Synchronized Stock

One common stock for all your stores and for your online business.

Digital 3D DesignsBusiness Performance

Your digital 3D Design in your inventory and integrated with your workshop


3D Easy Studio

Your customers can customize your designs in real time in an easy and intuitive way inside your stor

Real-time pricing

The most advanced real-time pricing system for specials

Product Configurator

Easily add on 2Shapes the various combinations, and let your customers marvel over the possibilities

Diamond Comparator

Compare diamonds and attach them to a 3d design with your customer

Render Images

Class A renders generate automatically



Out-of-the-box integration with Google


With 2Shapes for Shopify add 2Shapes in your Shopify


With 2Shapes Plugin for WordPress add 2Shapes in your WordPress


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Bring your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together...


Out-of-the-box integration with PayPal


2Shapes for Rhino integrates Rhino into your store and online store


2Shapes runs on any Apple computer.


2Shapes runs on any Windows computer.

Run on Tablets

2Shapes runs on any iPad or Android tablet.

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