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Designing with your customers at the store

Turn any sales associate into a jewelry designer and sell x3 more custom-made jewels.

2Shapes highlights for jewelry store owners and managers

The main advantage of custom jewelry with is the ability to create unique and meaningful pieces that perfectly match each customer's individual tastes and desires

Designed for salespeople

Yes, 2Shapes is a fantastic sales tool! It will enable your team to engage your customers. Not only that, it will increase sales of personalized jewelry by 3x, increase the average ticket and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Enhance customer communication with immersive 3D jewelry.

By providing a 3D visualiser, designers, manufacturers and jewellery retailers can increase customer interaction with their products. The ability to view details in real time generates greater engagement and captures the attention of site visitors.

Unique shopping experience for custom-made jewels

Showcase your personalized jewelry collections with more charm and exclusivity and collaborate with customers to create custom jewelry in-store.

Get Started with 2Shapes!

Unlock the power of the custom-made jewellery with 2Shapes! 🎉 Start creating custom designs for your shop and e-commerce today