2Shapes CRM

2Shapes Supplier allows you to sell your products and services to other jewelry and diamond professionals.

Imagine all your customers using 2Shapes Retail in their stores, 2Shapes eCommerce for their online business, and 2Shapes Design in their design teams, and your company supplying what they need? That's 2Shapes Supplier.

2Shapes Supplier

What type of suppliers is it intended for?

We want to include all kinds of related suppliers


Product Supplier

Finished product ready to sell in jewelry stores such as jewelry, watches, ...


Manufacturing Services Supplier

3D Printing, Casting, Finishing, Settings, or any other service related to manufacturing.


Diamonds or Gemstones Supplier

Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones.

Product Supplier

Sell your products to retailers from all over the world

Add your products and sell your collections to retailers from all over the world. Offer your products through gorgeous built-in configurators ready for your clients to add them in their 2Shapes eCommerce and 2Shapes Retail app.

We can define any product simply by its most basic features such as description, price, and photos to the most advanced such as units in stock, delivery times, measurements, weights, and more.

Variations allow us to define different versions of the same product depending on the features you want: materials, gemstones, sizes, or any other you need.

Your products are integrated into 2Shapes' most advanced tools, such as stock management, real-time exchange, rate calculation, shipping, analytics, to sell your products in your country or worldwide.


Manufacturing Services Supplier

Get manufacturing orders from retailers, online businesses, and designers alike

2Shapes for Rhino

Connect your production center with your customers and 2Shapes users around the globe.

You define the services you want to offer, from 3D printing and casting to finished parts. Then, it integrates automatically with 2Shapes real-time pricing and real-time delivery so that your customer does not miss any sales opportunity.

Be able to offer exclusive 3D collections and designs only for your customers only to be produced by you.

When your customer receives an order in their ecommerce, store or designer, you will also receive it at the same time.

Diamonds or Gemstones Supplier

Sell your diamonds and gemstone inventory, updated in real-time to retailers and online businesses anywhere around the globe

2Shapes eCommerce allows your customers to offer the most advanced sales platform for diamonds and gems most easily. So why not be the Supplier?

2Shapes eCommerce and 2Shapes Retail is just perfect for sell diamonds and gemstones: Stunning comparison tables, similar diamond finder, 360º view, and much more. So it makes easier the final customers' purchasing decision.

Add your stock, and in real-time, your diamonds and gemstones will be available to be purchased in your customers' e-commerce and stores. In addition, you can organize your diamonds according to your criteria and offer them to different types of customers or markets.

Your customers will also be able to offer custom designs using your diamonds and gemstones, endless new ways to sell.

When your customers receive an order for a unique diamond or gemstone, it will be removed from other eCommerce to avoid conflicts, and you don't have to do anything. It's magical.


Why choose 2Shapes Supplier?

Your products and services ready to be purchased from any 2Shapes eCommerce, 2Shapes Retail, and 2Shapes Designer.
Discover mode allows any customer to request your products and services. You must approve them to enable them. Or invite any customer to offer your products and services. Just send them a link.
Segment your products and services by groups depending on the type of customer or location.
Rate your products and services in the currency you want; 2Shapes adjust all prices to your customers' currencies. Then, open your business to the world.
Pricing is straightforward; 2Shapes calculates prices and on-time delivery time based on your criteria, and it will add taxes and delivery cost when required.
When a unique product is sold, the stock manager updated all customers' retail and eCommerce in real-time.
2Shapes allows being integrated with any system using APIs. Your IT team will love 2Shapes.
Entirely royalty-free and no hidden fees. You only need one Supplier subscription for your whole organization.

Sponsored or Opt-In Mode

You can offer your products and services in 2 different ways depending on the type of customer: Sponsored or Opt-in Mode.


Sponsored Mode

Your company is the only supplier, and your customer only can purchase you. Your company pays for its subscription and manages its account.


Opt-In Mode

Your company is one of its suppliers, and the customer can purchase you and other suppliers. The customer pays for its subscription and manages its account.

What's next?

Schedule an online meeting with one of our specialists to see how 2Shapes Supplier works, and ask any questions you may have.