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Improve communication with your clients by showcasing your jewelry in immersive 3D

Our visualiser will transport your clients into a captivating and realistic experience. Send a link to your clients, or add it into your eCommerce.

Why choose 2Shapes Visualizer?

Transform static concepts into vibrant, interactive experiences, allowing you to showcase and explore your creations in a dynamic and immersive way.

Quick and convenient communication​

Share the visualizer with your customers through a link, enabling quick and convenient communication. Send the link directly via channels like WhatsApp, email, or social media messages. Streamline the process of showcasing jewelry to interested customers and facilitate instant interaction for feedback and adjustments based on their preferences.

Increased interaction and engagement

By providing a 3D visualiser, designers, manufacturers and jewellery retailers can increase customer interaction with their products. The ability to view details in real time generates greater engagement and captures the attention of site visitors.

Follow-up opportunities with Notifications

By receiving a notification at the very moment a customer is viewing a piece of jewellery, you will have the opportunity to immediately follow up with that customer. You can contact them to provide additional information, clarify questions, or even offer personalised recommendations based on their interaction with the jewellery.

Reduced costs and manufacturing times

By allowing customers to visualise jewellery in 3D before physically producing it, costly mistakes and time wasted in manufacturing designs that do not meet customer expectations can be avoided. The 3D visualiser allows adjustments and modifications to be made before production begins, streamlining the process and reducing associated costs.

Seamless Integration for Web
and E-commerce

By having the ability to add the visualizer to any website or ecommerce platform, designers, manufacturers, and jewelry stores can offer an interactive and immersive experience to their visitors and customers within their own digital environment. This allows them to effectively showcase their jewelry in 3D, which can increase user engagement, retention, and conversion rates.

Privacy and confidentiality

We can add a password individually for each design. Only those with the password provided can access and view the content, protecting intellectual property and preventing unauthorised third parties from accessing unique designs.

Personalisation and differentiation

Customize materials and environments in the visualizer to enhance creative flexibility for jewelry designers and manufacturers. Tailor nuances, colors, and elements to reflect artistic vision and meet client preferences. Create a unique and memorable brand experience by customizing the visualizer with colors, logos, and visual elements, standing out from competitors and providing a personalized look for customers.

Wide compatibility

The visualizer supports a wide range of 3D formats such as Rhino, 2Shapes, RhinoGold, Matrix, as well as other standards like OBJ, STEP, and STL. This provides jewelry designers and manufacturers with the ability to easily load and display their models in the visualizer, regardless of the software or format they were created in.

Bring your designs to life using 2Shapes Visualizer!

2Shapes Visualizer empowers you to breathe life into your designs. Transform static concepts into vibrant, interactive experiences, allowing you to showcase and explore your creations in a dynamic and immersive way.​

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