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The entire manufacturing process of your jewels under control

Manage all the design and manufacturing processes of your jewels in an agile and centralized way

Have under your control the entire manufacturing process of your jewels

Control 100% of your jewel, from the projects to the production. Finish a task in an easier way thanks to the app that will send you a notification when each production process of each order starts and thanks to a precise planning based on your schedule.

Manage your schedule for designing and producing your jewels

Get a summary of each order with detailed information, such as the deadlines for each process and a tool to keep your team informed and make easier working in group.

All processes at a glance

The production process of each jewel has the detailed information for its own execution. You can change the status of each task and add comments to always keep your team well informed.

Automatic production reports

When an order is placed, 2Shapes Workshop automatically generates a report with all the information needed for producing it, including a barcode and a QR code to track the process

And in case of problems?

When a problem arises, it is mandatory to inform the person in charge of the process as soon as possible. With 2Shapes you can stop one or several processes in just one click and have automatically notified the person in charge.

It’s integrated with design

The jewels production department can use design tools to analyze and check any technical problem regarding the project of the jewel, with the possibility of editing it when necessary.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

2Shapes doesn’t require any installation; don’t worry about complex installations in your store; 2Shapes works on any device, and you will love it on an iPad or a phone.

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