A management system made for jewelry stores

Discover the best software available for jewelry stores by the creators of RhinoGold and Clayoo. By reducing the time you have to spend managing your business, you will be able to focus on attracting prospects and turn them into customers.

For whom is this management software for?

A specific ERP for jewelry stores

Simple, agile and user-friendly. 2Shapes does not require any maintenance or computer support and will provide the features your jewelry business needs in order to grow

Create a professional online store using 2Shapes

2Shapes allows you to create and integrate your online store with your management software in an easy way. Moreover, it is also possible to integrate it with WordPress or Shopify in order to bring more customers to your jewelry store

Design 3D jewelries have never been so easy

With 2Shapes you can design the jewelries your customer is dreaming of in 3D. Differentiate from your competitors and leave them behind with a 3D design and management software made especially for jewelry stores

Moreover, you can also design your jewel online in 3D from day one.

2Shapes will make it easier to differentiate form your competitors. Not only you will be able to design a jewel in 3D, but you can do it with your client sitting right in front of you in your jewelry store. By Improving the experience of your customers, you will get more sales and enhance your brand

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The most complete 3D CAD tool for jewelry designers

2Shapes for Rhino is the most powerful 3D CAD CAM design software for creating jewels available on the market. It is present in more than 30 countries, and it is well-known as the best software available for professional designers specialized in 3D jewels.


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A software made for jewelry stores that will boost your sales

2Shapes will help you managing orders and inventories and knowing your customers’ personal history, in order to remember their significant anniversaries and foster customer loyalty.

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Create your online jewelry store directly from 2Shapes

2Shapes Online Store allows you to create your online store directly from this management software by integrating the information you have already saved, so you do not have to upload it again. Take full advantage of the online market to increase sales and bring new customers to your jewelry store. Grow your business online


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