a new way to sell jewerly

2Shapes: The Cloud Based solution that enables to create real time custom jewelry in-store and the easiest way to create your stunning jewelry eCommerce.

The new vision of 'Jewelry'

2Shapes is an easy to use solution that helps jewelry businesses to boost their sales and optimize costs, by improving customers experience.

Designed to involve customers in the design, accelerate the sales cycle and control manufacturing from one single point.

There are 4 areas: Store, Ecommerce, Design, and Manufacturing. As you will see the platform covers very broad features, and it can be used from the smallest stores to the biggest ones.



The main area of 2Shapes Solution is the store. Everything revolves around to provide the best customer experience in your jewelry store. With 2Shapes you could involve your customers from the very first stage of jewelry creation, the design.

2Shapes enables to sell real time and custom jewelry. Each customer will be able to customize their own jewels in real time in an easy and intuitive way. Additionally, the price is automatically generated. On this area the salesman plays an important role, he will use 2Shapes, to help the customer to find his unique proposal.



"97% of consumers looked online to find a local business. And the 12% use the internet every day to find local businesses."

2Shapes gives you the opportunity of creating your eCommerce in only one-click. Customize the whole site and add your colors, logo and of course your designs to have the major world showcase.

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In only one-click, your eCommerce will be built and ready to be further customized to your needs and good taste. It comes with a lot of features and highly advanced options to getting the most out of your Jewelry eCommerce.

Additionally, 2Shapes automatically optimizes your Jewelry eCommerce website for all kinds of devices, so you can reach your customers regardless the device they are using.


Designing has never been so easy! 2Shapes advanced studio is designed with the latest technologies, it provides you more than 1200 designs which meet the highest standards of quality. Design is as easy as combine elements.

Artist? 2Shapes provides you unlimited advanced tools to design without limits. Start designing from 0 to hero. One of the main advantages of this 2Shapes Designer is the versatility, it doesn’t matter the current trend or the the style, design easily what you ever have dreamed of.

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If you already have designs, import and use them in 2Shapes App. 2Shapes support the most standard formats as such as 3DM, STL, OBJ, FBX, ... Are you a Rhino user? One click direct import of your Rhino designs into 2Shapes, ready to be used.

Let your imagination run, you are a designer not a developer! Don’t spend time and money learning complex software skills. Jewelry is an art! 2Shapes Solution is made for designers. Easy to use, not training or 3D expertise required.



2Shapes Solution makes you able to have a clear overview of what is going on in every single stage of your business. Printing, Casting, Polishing, Shipments, Everything.

We provide you the possibility to define all your processes timings and costs from the beginning. 2Shapes wants you to have total control of your business.

In addition, knowing the importance of reducing stocks, 2Shapes has a section in which you will give priority to the usage of diamonds and metals you have in stock. In case a design needs a diamond with a range of characteristics that you do not have, 2Shapes will adapt the delivery time and it will offer you real-time prices, based on the main diamond stock markets.

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