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Make every jewel in your store customizable, increase your bespoke market share, and sell on the spot

2Shapes is a technology company in the jewelry space, for retailers, manufacturers, and designers

Design and share with your clients, within minutes, not hours

The first collaborative, simplified, jewelry design tool

Wejewel is a SaaS-based, simplified 3D modeling jewelry design tool that enables the creation of simple designs with just a few clicks and allows for easy sharing with colleagues and clients

Who is it meant for?

Jewelry Shop owners, E-commerce, Freelance Designers and Jewelry manufacturers

Why use Wejewel?

  • Collaborative: Share designs with your clients easily.
  • Simplified/intuitive: Design in minutes.
  • Access your designs anywhere: Save your designs, manage your projects, on the cloud.
  • SaaS: Work and design from any device, tablet, mobile, or your computer.

RhinoArtisan, a 3D modeling software built on Rhino, enables detailed jewelry design for casting, printing, and production, and offers a digital academy for easy, intuitive learning of jewelry design principles from the basics.

Who is it meant for?

Professional Jewelry designers and Rhino Enthusiasts

Why use RhinoArtisan?

  • 100+ Jewelry Design Commands.
  • Dual User Interface: Rhino UI and Simplified RhinoArtisan UI
  • Hundreds of pre-built elements, designs, and collections.
  • Manufacturing tools (Automatic STL Repair, 3D Printer Direct Connect…)
  • Render & Animation Studio + Materials and Environments Library.
  • Curator Library: Save, name, and organize your designs, on your computer or a shared Cloud folder.
  • Rhino 6, 7 and 8 Compatible

Make every jewel in your store customizable, increase your bespoke market share, sell on the spot​

The first Jewelry customization software for enterprise jewelry retailers. The Customizer Studio is white-label software for jewelry retailers that allows their clients to customize jewelry.

Customizer Studio integrates seamlessly into your commercial website and allows for full geometrical jewelery costumization by harnessessing cloud modeling computations, to calculate real-time pricing for infinite geometrical variations.

Customizer Studio also displays your product portfolio to your clients in extra detailed, high-resolution 3D visualization, giving the viewer a 360-degree view of your designs.