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About us

2Shapes is a technology company in the jewelry space.

2Shapes offers both SaaS and on-premise solutions for jewelry retailers, manufacturers, designers, and e-commerce shops. 

Since its establishment, 2Shapes has helped hundreds of jewelry professionals increase sales and grow their businesses by integrating cutting-edge jewelry tech into their daily operations.
2Shapes is a proud member of the Manufacturing Jewelers Association and considers itself an integrated part of the jewelry industry, pushing the innovative frontier one step further every day.

2Shapes’ vision is to create a world where product customization is the new standard, and every piece is an exclusive masterpiece. 

Daniel Eshed

CEO and co-Founder

Born in Tel Aviv, Daniel is a descendant of a pioneering family at the Israeli diamond exchange, giving him an in-depth understanding of the jewelry supply chain, production, and sales.

It was apparent already in his younger years, serving in the IDF’s intelligence unit 8200, that Daniel is an inseparable part of the Israeli startup ecosystem, with innovation & novelty, posing an inherent part of his life. 

Over the past decade, alongside his academic achievements,  Daniel has seen the professional world from numerous seats, acting as an investor, a board member, and a young business owner accumulating executive experience in leadership, strategy, and management. 

Rafael del Molino


Born in Barcelona, Spanish, Rafael Del Molino has 20 years of experience as a software engineer, 20 years of 3D modeling proficiency, and 15 years of experience, particularly in jewelry design.

Rafael Del Molino is a 2nd-time founder, after selling his previous venture, RhinoGold, to the Stuller Group in 2014. 

Rafa is an analytical thinker who invests heavily and spares no resources in the foundational infrastructure of every technological solution he builds.