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5 reasons to create your online jewelry store?

Today, with the growing popularity of the Internet and advances in technology, it is now much faster and easier to buy and sell online than ever before. Internet users are no longer limited to sitting at desktop computers doing research or sending emails.

People now use their laptops, tablets and even cell phones to do more things, such as buying and selling products over the Internet. People can now enjoy shopping and even manage their own business from the comfort of their homes!

Top 5 reasons to choose 2Shapes to build your e-commerce business

  1. You have never created a jewelry e-commerce like this before:
    It can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike, giving you the power to create spectacular designs with surprising ease and efficiency.
  2. Your customers will design what they want on your website:
    Build an emotional connection with customers, offer them a unique experience. Your customers can select any design and customize it as they wish.
  3. Good design creates a connection with your customers
    Create the designs you want to include in your catalog, or choose from the trends that 2Shapes has created for you. It is also possible to load designs already created from any 3D software.
  4. Your store in the hands of your customers and available 24/7
    2Shapes eCommerce adapts to any tablet and mobile device by automatically reorganizing its content (texts, graphics, videos, etc.) according to the device width, minimizing size, panorama and scrolling.
  5. Gain insight into your business and what products your visitors are interested in with built-in analytics
    Having access to statistical information from all areas of your eCommerce gives you an advantage over competitors who do not have this information.

Are you ready to create your e-commerce? Request a no-obligation demo.

Still not convinced? Let me give you five more reasons.

  1. Grooms beware: 2Shapes e-commerce offers “Drop a Hint” functionality:
    Your customers can now let that special person in their life know by email exactly what the customer expects.
  2. Let’s start with a simple fact: your business needs a social media presence.
    It doesn’t matter if you have a small local store or a large national company. Social media is an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy. 2Shapes integrates with the 12 most used social networks worldwide.
  3. Attract customers and increase foot traffic to your store:
    A new experience also in your stores. 2Shapes adapts perfectly to your stores, allowing you to offer your designs on a TV or on a beautiful iPad. Can you imagine?
  4. Your e-commerce is the best way to attract new customers to your retail store.
    88% of customers research online before making a purchase. From 2Shapes eCommerce, you can offer in-store appointments in your stores, as well as in-store order preparation.
  5. More hands make lighter work. 2Shapes was created to work as a team.
    Teamwork increases collaboration. As a result, more ideas are developed and productivity is improved. 2Shapes allows you to integrate your entire team, from sales, to other departments such as marketing, design, manufacturing and more.

Want to find out how 2Shapes can help you take advantage of this opportunity? Request a demonstration with our specialists now.



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