6 August 2019
The Future of the Jewelry Industry
The Future of the Jewelry Industry

The retail channel is undergoing profound transformations, it is a fact. The digital revolution is changing the rules of the game and creating a new scenario that is essential to adapt to survive. Naturally, the jewelry industry is being transformed too. That is why it is so important to rigorously analyze the current situation of the jewelry market and anticipate the trends that are coming to stay.
But what are these new trends or changes?
First, the "disaffection" of the new generations to carry too ostentatious elements; competition from other products such as technology, or ‘experiences such as travel. Consumers do not buy products, but the perceptions they have of them. We have to be able to understand the elements of the greatest value for our clients and map the purchasing processes to generate solutions.

If the purchase is the result of an emotion, how can we use it to become an effective purchase? 

Jewelry has to convey Something more than metals and gems

Jewelry stores must offer unique experiences that add value to our consumers!  Jewelry has to be more than just a luxury item. Every jewel must transmit its own story.

There are very good young designers and they learn very quickly the use of digital tools, but then they lack the necessary experience in finishing the pieces

 Jewelry must connect these young people experienced in digital tools with jewelers experimented on jewelry design and jewelry finished pieces. On that way Synergies flow from cooperation and coordination. And booth parts take advantages of technology to boost their talent.

By way of conclusion, while jewelry has lost part of the weight it has traditionally had among consumers, the positive part is that there are still opportunities to convince current and future customers that the jewel is an inherent part of society, of our culture and can return to its rightful place


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