9 April 2019

TOP 3 Tips for Selling a Diamond

The first step for selling a diamond is to generate confidence in your customer. A diamond is a valuable thing and you must convey confidence to your clients. A good way to do it is to show mastery and control about diamonds issue in this case. 

Know and explain the 4Cs

Say a little about 4Cs -Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight-. Most of the people won’t ever see the diamond in a laboratory, so the explanation may be superficial only with the aim of making your customer know about what determines the value, the price, and the main characteristics of a diamond. 

Knowing its characteristics will help the customers to be focussed on one of them. Also, being able to speak this language generates confidence and empowers you to sell engagement ring diamonds. 

Which C is the most important for your costumers?

Once they understand what  4C's mean, the next step is knowing which C is more important for them. Prioritizing the 4Cs will help you quickly eliminate some diamonds from their search. 

Too many options confuse. And a confused mind does not buy

When you are valuing among all the options you’ll have a tough time deciding between one or another. And when you have already decided, you still have the doubt of whether you could have chosen other options that were more satisfactory or more appropriate for your case. So, you aren't entirely 100% sure that you have chosen the best option.

Our recommendation is that if your customer has a tight budget, it will be better not to be focused on Carat Weight or Color. 

Make sure your costumers understand the difference between diamond shapes and diamond cut quality

Diamond Cut quality determines how light performs when it enters the diamond. Depending on the route of the light through the diamond, it will look darker and unattractive or lighter. Diamonds with a good polish optimize the light better and they will be brighter. The higher quality cut, more valuable.

On the other hand, diamond shapes also known as ‘’fancies’’. Based on their shapes, fancies have also had their own names, the best known are round, princess, emerald, Asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, heart, and pear. The shape also affects the price, Round is the most expensive, followed but Princess, Emerald and Asscher. 

Make your clients know that not only 4C’s makes increase a diamond price, but also the ‘’fancies’’. The second one only depends on the current trend. 

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