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How to choose the best management software for jewelry stores. Agile, simple, and efficient

If you have a jewelry store, you must have the best management software for jewelry stores, which allows you to keep track of your inventories, sales, customers, and everything you need.

Undoubtedly, the efficient management of your jewelry store is a fundamental part of its success.

Therefore, acquiring good management software will help you keep control of income, expenses, inventories, customers, and other important aspects, such as making good decisions.

Because in the end, your goal is not only to increase sales but also to increase productivity:

  • Improve and increase productivity.
  • Improve your customer’s shopping experience.

At 2Shapes, we are experts in jewelry store management software, so we know how important it is to have one in your jewelry store for many reasons.

And the truth is that there are so many solutions on the market that it is often complicated to know which is the best management program to choose.

Therefore, today we want to give you these clues so that you can find the best management solution for your jewelry store.

5 keys to choose the best management software for your jewelry store

1. Ease of use

Undoubtedly, ease of use is the most important thing it has to have; no one wants to take months to learn how to use it.

In addition, the interface and management must be intuitive and offer easy navigation to access the areas you need quickly.

And if it is also customizable to your needs, it is much better.

2. Specific functionalities for jewelry stores

Good management software for jewelry stores cannot start from a generic one that can be used for shoe stores, bars, and stores.

It must be specific and be able to deal with the integral management of a jewelry store without problems:

  • Management of metals and materials
  • Jewelry design
  • Orders, invoices, specific document management
  • Management of manufacturing and repair orders
  • Etc…

3. Integration with other systems

An essential point that the best management software you choose must have.

We are not only talking about point of sale (POS) management or payment systems; in our case, our management software for the jewelry business is integrated with specific modules:

  • For 3D jewelry design
  • For commercial and CRM management to increase sales
  • For integration with an online store without the need to recreate all the information
  • For advanced training options, thanks to our Academy.

4. Inventory management

A good jewelry store management software should have an optimized inventory management tool that allows you to keep precise control of your jewelry and its variations, such as sizes and colors.

It should be easy to update and provide real-time information about the availability of your jewelry and even real-time synchronization with your online store.

And if it allows you to show the current price of your jewelry material (gold, silver, etc.), your customers will always be able to have 100% updated and reliable quotes.

5. Technical support and price

Technical support should be a basic functionality for any management software you choose for your store, and the ability to get regular updates that improve the system and prevent it from becoming obsolete.

And, of course, all of this has to be priced appropriately. You can shop around for the best price if it costs you a lot. And if it is too cheap, it will raise apparent reluctance.

In short, when choosing the best jewelry store management software, you should look for one that meets your needs in terms of functionality, features, and price.



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